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Accretive Media Launches New Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home Advertising Platform Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds

From Displays to Devices, New Platform Uses Rich Consumer Data to Power Intelligent Targeting and Measurement Across Out-of-Home Screens

February 6, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA – Accretive Media today launches the first digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising platform fueled by people-based profile data. The new platform reaches targeted consumers on digital screens at nearly 100K venues across the United States ranging from ATMs to airports, restaurants, gyms, train and subway stations, malls, office buildings, universities and more. Leveraging the data-driven capabilities of online and mobile advertising to target specific audiences and make ads more relevant, Accretive Media empowers brands to become a part of consumers’ everyday lives.

Today’s consumers yearn for connection, not intrusion. As television viewership declines, and online advertising struggles with fraud, viewability and ad blocker issues, the DOOH space becomes a high value alternative for brands seeking to authentically connect with target audiences. Out-of-home displays hold the power to integrate impactful messaging into the lives of consumers with custom creative based on audience, environment and location-based factors. This approach more effectively engages consumers and dramatically improves message delivery and recognition.

“Consumers spend more than 70 percent of their time out of the home, carrying at least one mobile device that we are able to deterministically link back to their interests, behaviors, movement patterns, offline purchase history, and other key attributes,” said Craig Benner, Founder & CEO of Accretive Media. “Connecting the dots between out-of-home displays and mobile devices, Accretive can tap into this rich data and action against it in DOOH. Our platform transforms the outdoor medium into a more addressable and accountable format that drives serious results. Advertisers have never debated the power of outdoor, but they’ve always acknowledged its targeting and measurement limitations. We have solved for that today. As brands start to realize the true ROI that can be achieved with DOOH, we anticipate massive growth in the market.”

Programmatic ad spending will surpass $57M in 2018, and mobile advertising will grow past $40B according to the latest eMarketer reports. While the total out-of-home industry in the US is approximately $30B, DOOH is at $5B and counting, providing tremendous expansion opportunity.

The key to Accretive Media’s solution is its proprietary data lake. The Accretive Data Lake (ADL) is one of the most advanced consumer data platforms in the ad-tech space. ADL combines location and geotemporal information with people-based profiles and deterministic attributes to create a comprehensive view of a consumer’s digital and physical footprint. This intelligence informs Accretive’s strategy team to build impactful consumer targeting strategies that are executed within the platform. After each campaign, rich insights and analytics are delivered to the advertiser that provide more visibility into audiences, opportunities, and real business outcomes than ever before. This actionable information is fed back into the ADL to create a self-cycling knowledge base.

Launching today out of Los Angeles, CA, Accretive Media serves major brands and leading advertising agencies across the country. Founder & CEO Craig Benner is a 15-year veteran of the technology and digital advertising space, most recently Senior Vice President at Viant, a Time Inc. Company, where he ran 8 US offices leading all sales and support operations. His team oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars in ad spend and led the launch of multiple new technology innovations.

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About Accretive Media

Accretive Media is a programmatic digital out-of-home advertising platform that empowers brands to become a part of consumers’ everyday lives. With access to screens in nearly 100,000 US venues, Accretive engages the on-the-go consumer on their terms. Through its proprietary Accretive Data Lake and I-SEA methodology, the platform combines advanced data, targeting, and measurement capabilities – keeping consumers informed, creating value for property owners, and helping brands win.


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