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Accretive Sees Out of Home Measurement Growth

Los Angeles, CA February 28, 2024Accretive, an out-of-home (OOH) data and technology company, today announced over 217% year-over-year (YoY) growth in its measurement business and the addition of over 100 new clients in 2023. As part of this momentum, Accretive launched a new brand identity and website to better crystalize its market position, client focus, and product strategy.

This growth comes amid record spending in the OOH industry. In fact, according to eMarketer, OOH advertising spend in the U.S. is poised to reach $10.67 billion by 2027.

“In order for OOH to reach its potential, which is well above the 4-5% of media budgets it currently commands, advertisers need to see proof that OOH is an effective channel,” said Craig Benner, CEO and founder of Accretive. “In the six years since we founded Accretive, we have proven that the channel is not only effective, but a vital part of the media mix for successful brands. As we continue to see massive adoption of the Accretive Outcomes measurement platform and other core offerings, it’s clear that buyers demand more from OOH, and we’re prepared to deliver.”

Since launching in February of 2018, Accretive has been dedicated to helping brands win by intelligently leveraging OOH advertising. With the company’s three unique offerings, brands and agencies have access to:

  • Accretive Audiences – Highly curated, privacy compliant consumer data segments specifically tailored to maximize the impact of OOH ads

  • Accretive Outcomes – A patent-pending measurement and analytics platform purpose-built for OOH advertising; enabling advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their OOH campaigns across any out-of-home screen and/or format

  • Accretive Media – A solution for executing data-driven, measurable programmatic DOOH media through two models – managed-service and programmatic guaranteed – across more than 750K screens in the U.S. and over 1M globally.

When it comes to vertical success in 2023, the company saw 168% YoY growth with Fast Casual/QSR brands as the category was boosted amid consumers’ displeasure with increased grocery prices. The OOH medium works particularly well for QSRs as a 2023 OAAA survey found that when consumers noticed directions to a store or restaurant on an OOH ad, 43% visited within 30 minutes, and of those consumers, 78% made a purchase.

Additionally, despite higher mortgage rates and limited housing inventory, Accretive has seen almost 200% growth in Real Estate advertising, signaling the power of the locality of OOH for the category. OOH advertising has long been known for increasing real estate listing visibility by reaching a large number of people in a short amount of time.  Now these marketers can definitively prove the value with OOH campaign measurement, providing even more value to their campaigns.

To learn more about Accretive, please visit:

About Accretive

Accretive is an out-of-home data and technology company that helps brands make a real impact with consumers in the real world. Through its OOH Graph™ and patent-pending Accretive Outcomes™ measurement platform, Accretive delivers first-of-its-kind addressability and accountability to the OOH space, creating new and unique opportunities for brands to engage high value consumers within this proven, high impact format.


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